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The EU's need for elite migration

by Liz Trapichler

Executive Summary

How can aging societies, like Germany and most EU countries, cope with the necessary influx of migrant workers to make up for the loss of 'unborn children' in the workforce and how can these primarily well-educated migrants be made at home and be really integrated without generating such a disaffected and heterogeneous, infamous 'melting pot' as in the US or parallel societies as in South Africa? (Read the whole article)

Value for Money from Management Consultants

By Arne Teubner

Executive Summary

Unlike most outside services, management consulting seems to be less tangible, and it is therefore more difficult to make an assessment up-front. But usually, the fees are determined before the consultant’s assignment begins. How then can a decision-maker ensure that the organization gets the service, support, and results it is paying for? (Read the whole article)

Effective Intercultural training & expat posting

by Liz Trapichler


Some HR managers still wonder why expat failure rates seem to remain high in spite of the increasing number of intercultural trainings programmes. This article is to reflect that intercultural training is just part of the ‘expat relating HR management portfolio’. It is an important slice but not the whole cake! (Read the whole article)


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