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  • Austrian concern: investigating the European market for die casting machines
  • Germany-based international functional-drink company: development of market-entry strategy for a new wellness product
  • International consulting firm: investigating the South African consulting market. Result: Establishing a subsidiary company in South Africa
  • Germany-based international IT company: designing and coordinating the implementation and use of strategic market-watch and forecasting tool in cooperation with a global leader in IT market-research
  • German chemical company: investigating the South African market for household cleaners. Result: Finding interested local partners and facilitating negotiations
  • Central European direct sales company: market-entry strategies for new beauty products in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)
  • European IT company: development and implementation of an international patent, trademark, and brand management strategy on several continents
  • German manufacturer of medical equipment: investigating the South African market for relevant products. Result: Establishing a subsidiary company
  • Major German bank: realization of a complete business plan for a direct-banking subsidiary in Europe
  • Foreign subsidiaries of Germany-based international bank: carrying out studies of Central European real-estate financing and commercial real-estate markets
  • Major European insurance group: development of marketing-strategy for the business expansion in retirement schemes on regional level
  • South African company in the power generation industry: reorganizing contracts administration
  • German semiconductor company: creation of a new strategic business unit including the acquisition of strategic sourcing and distribution partners, resulting in the creation of a completely new product line


  • German luxury group, Central European direct-marketing concern: development of strategic line extensions in the cosmetics, fragrances and toiletries (CFT) market
  • German manufacturer of telecommunication components: investigation of the South African market for relevant equipment. Result: Diversification into new products
  • Polish furniture production firm: chief negotiator for succesful sales negotiations for a subsidiary  company


  • Development of logos and corporate designs, as well as marketing materials for many lines of industry
  • Creation and implementation of a host of websites for medium-sized businesses


  • German software company: creation, programming, business model and sales of web content management system
  • German Information technology company: development of e-commerce strategy resulting in the creation of web-based product configurator


  • Major German bank: development and implementation of sales and management controlling and reporting tools on group, division, subsidiary levels (Europe, US, Hong Kong)
  • German logistics company: design and development of activity-based cost-accounting (ABC) system to use as an integrated pre-sales-calculation and post-sales-management reporting tool based on data-warehouse technology
  • German wholesaler: design of a profit-margin-based sales-and management-reporting data-warehouse
  • Eastern European furniture company: development of turn-around business plan
  • International software company: optimization of monthly reporting


  • Organization of strategic international trade fairs
  • National annual conventions of sales representatives
  • Marketing and Press conferences


  • Powerboat Racing
  • Car Racing 
  • Olympic National Water Polo team
  • Product management of light-therapy, cosmetics and kitchenware


  • Fashion accessories: ensuring lowest total cost and best value for internal customer requirements by means of strategic contracts and purchasing negotiations
  • Information technology, fashion accessories, real estate, business services: development of standardized forms of contract in conjunction with major law consultants and negotiated framework and business leases, sales cooperation agreements, agency contracts, and other contracts
  • Quoted Austrian IT software company: restructuring of personnel costs, reducing the costs of a social compensation plan
  • Provider of event-management services for quoted companies: co-ordination of development and introduction and negotiation of standardized contracts and central contract management for a services company serving many German listed companies, reducing liability risks
  • Continuously liaise with auditors, tax accountants and tax authorities in preparing, auditing and optimizing monthly and annual reports

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